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Feries is the leading website in Italy for holiday rentals.

We offer a selection of more than 100,000 listings in Italy and Europe, managed by private owners or agencies. There’s a wide range of choice: villas by the seaside, mountain huts, cosy city apartments, farms in the hills: something for everyone.

More than 3 Million tourists already chose us because they find what they look for, they book online or contact the owner and then they enjoy a memorable holiday. Pet lovers, groups of friends, couples and families with babies: everyone finds the right accommodation.
Booking a home rather than an hotel allows you to reduce expenses and gain in privacy and freedom.

Be inspired by our travel proposals: luxury villas with pool, cottages with a dream garden where your children can savour the nature, pet-friendly apartments, homes easily accessible with push chairs and buggies, B&Bs offering amazing breakfasts. Our website always provides special offers suitable for any budget, also for those who prefer a low-cost accommodation.

House owners choose us because our website is simple and straightforward, our customer assistance is punctual, efficient and always there to help. Listings on our portal are highly visible both to Italian and foreign tourists.

Safety on Feries is guaranteed: our website is reliable; we constantly check ads quality. Moreover, online bookings finalized on our portal are protected by anti-fraud guarantee.