Special houses are everywhere in Italy... but what we're talking about here.

Sometimes it's a simple experience like sleeping in a lighthouse, in an old mill, in an authentic trullo or in an original pajara.

Other times it is about services such as swimming pool, spa, garden or simply panoramic apartments.

Some of these houses have art galleries because of the passion of the owners of the house or for a historical effect, others instead have a particular and unique furniture that makes them rich in personality: for example shabby chic houses or holiday homes with a theme.

And then there are also original farmhouses, eco-friendly chalets, curious campsites, sailing holidays or special farms that also offer courses and many things to do.

There are many types of holiday homes as well as different types of tourists. Because there is a holiday home suitable for you, or better to say "ideal for you".

Where to be comfortable, relax with your loved ones and feel as if you were at home.

Below you will find some collections of holiday homes divided by type and with reference to the individual ad to allow you to book immediately the perfect one. Needless to say, they are the holiday homes that are the most popular, it obviously depends on how particular is your style.

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