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Holiday In Sardinia In Residence Borgo Bellavista Village


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Leonardo D.

Leonardo D.

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The House is EQUIPPED with all comforts, served by BEAUTIFUL GARDENS with BARBECUE AREA EQUIPPED for outdoor dining, FREE LAUNDRY, PRIVATE PARKING and BECAUSE IT OFFERS the RESIDENCE BELLAVISTA-VILLAGE 8 MILES of PRISTINE BEACH and LIMPID and crystalline WATERS JUST 1,800 METERS-INTERNET POINT free of charge and 300 METRE library-FREE BATHS of CASTELDORIA JUST 7 KM far the greatness of Badesi lies in its authenticity and its untouched between horizons What are immaculate views of Sardinia that takes you back to those roots in the human calpestava not foot the immense white sand dunes ne eye embraced horizons designed by precise and soft pencil.

If what you seek is a world of tranquillity and calm silences, framed among secular junipers and Silicon white beaches lapped by crystal clear waters and it is definitely in this precious Pearl of Gallura.

A small gem: Badesi you eat very well and above all the typical gallurese cuisine that finds its ingredients between the sea and the mountains.

Pride of Badesi is its strategic location for visiting all of North Sardinia.

HERE'S what TIPS visit: Terme di Casteldoria: The most beautiful pool imaginable, Hot Water rich in minerals and spring from the depths of the underworld to marry with fresh ones and the Coghinas River. A very successful marriage which offers the visitor a totally suggestive and unusual scenario in which dive, infangarsi literally then it refreshed in the body as pure spirit.
Just 10 minutes from Badesi.

The mouth of the Coghinas: Certainly one of the richest natural reserves of Northern Sardinia, unique show for lovers of bird-watching and ascending rivers ... in this regard, we recommend a boat trip.

Costa Paradiso: The Li Cossi beach is definitely one of the most beautiful not only in Sardinia but around the Mediterranean. All Costa Paradiso features a beauty extreme angles in which the deep sea and stormy and sometimes red granite will be those postcards are unique in the world ... you can't miss at sunset, everything will change color and shape by the minute.
Just 20 minutes from Badesi Isola Rossa: typical fishing village turned into a destination for vacationers of selective worldwide.
Homes of all colors and 2 beautiful beaches make it imperative to spend at least half a day at Isola Rossa especially at night will be a pleasant stroll in the lovely course between the Marina and the beach where colorful stalls offer their typical products and entertain between bar ice cream.
Just 10 minutes from Badesi Costa Smeralda: For the most curious and neophytes of Sardinia Costa Smeralda trip is a must. Too many words and a little everything was said to this corner of the world but I want to add a little advice: don't look too the works of man but concentrate on those of nature, the sea is simply lovely and the beaches are spectacular reflexes.
At one hour from Badesi archipelago of La Maddalena: "hottest spot, I will not dwell in too many descriptions that will make the idea of the Sea you will find.
Can be reached comfortably from Badesi with trips organized by a local agency with departure by bus to Santa Teresa from which you take a very confortable Riverboat that piloting between the archipelago's wonders. You spend 50 euros throughout with lunch on board included and return in the evening.

The Gulf Island, Asinara: I propose a dream tour: one day catamaran with a few other friends to visit to the sound of the wind the stintinese coast, tap the flat island to reach that protettissimo the Paradise Island of Asinara.
From Badesi you reach the port of Stintino in about an hour's drive where you will meet there skipper piloting to the secrets of the island Castelsardo: delve into medieval Sardinia and no you can avoid judicial. The castle of Castelsardo is clearly visible from the beach of Badesi looking left and call your curiosity each day of your holiday.
In history I don't want to say anything but I'll leave that up to you to discover thanks to local guides between witch-hunt and ethnographic museums will fill your day.
Of mine I tell you that I have always eaten Castelsardo fine and all I have in my favorite restaurant on panoramic Roccaja, the kitchen is so much delicious which unfortunately distracts from the landscape.
Just 15 minutes from Badesi Stintino: Suite "La Pelosa" is perhaps the most beautiful of the Mediterranean and certainly among the most beautiful in the world.
Unfortunately it is free access and this not only will corrupt the nature but crowded out of proportion in the summer months.
My advice is to go see it between May and June or in late September so you can enjoy more freely.
A little over an hour from Badesi.

Alghero, The living history of the Spanish presence in Sardinia, a Museum at celo open or closed between churches and medieval cloisters from the immeasurable beauty.
Catalan-Gothic art offers a unique footprint the Citadel that mixture to local influences makes Alghero a cross between medieval Catalonia and Sardinia which in local dialect preserves its traditional linguistic footprint.

Santa Teresa & Corsica: from Badesi in one day the visiterei both: Santa Teresa can be reached in just 45 minutes by car and after a swim in the beach "rena bianca" you can take the ferry that takes you to the beautiful city of Fort Bonifacio. You reach, after crossing the Strait through a natural fjord at its end has a picture-postcard landscape on the beautiful harbour and on the walls of the Citadel.
I suggest eating a light meal at one of the many restaurants on the sea, guests can dine properly to your return in Sardinia with a nice meal in a farmhouse.

Many others I recommend personally ...

Welcome in Sardinia ...


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Tips and activities

Strong point is definitely the beautiful beach of Badesi, 8 km long, and is framed between the pristine waters and the colors and fragrances of Mediterranean pine forests ... certainly one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean ...

Geographically the town is situated between Stintino Alghero and the Maddalena archipelago with the Emerald Coast ...

EVERY DAY an UNFORGETTABLE TRIP a little advice: spend a half a day to visit the terme di Casteldoria, a natural Cove with a small beach on a bend of the river "Coghinas" from which only at that point rise from underground sulfur water bike curative qualities notes-the landscape is spectacular:-)

TO HIGHLIGHT THE PRESENCE OF FREE INTERNET POINT ON THE BEACH ... In any case they connect very well all the INTERNET you Leave nibs the choice of recreation that you like but it will be good to remember that a sailboat ride as do diving will be an unforgettable experience.

All other sports are well advertised in kiosks at sea (where in the evening you can enjoy music, small festivals, plays and festivals varied).
Communal pool, Tennis, soccer, and basketball are common services and present ...

Of course for all of your holiday will be on hand to give you the best advice and help you to spend a wonderful holiday

House rules

Animals generally not allowed but if it is a small size we can evaluate the possibility of hosting them, in this case 30 euros extra are always required to make the apartment hygienic.
Deposit on booking - 100 euros ..

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3/22/19 4/3/19 30€ 200€ Any Any 2
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6/7/19 6/21/19 35€ 240€ Any Any 1
6/22/19 6/28/19 45€ 300€ Any Any 1
6/29/19 7/7/19 60€ 350€ Any Any 1
7/8/19 7/14/19 60€ 400€ Any Any 1
7/15/19 7/25/19 60€ 410€ Any Any 1
7/26/19 7/31/19 75€ 500€ Any Any 1
8/1/19 8/7/19 90€ 600€ Any Any 1
8/8/19 8/18/19 110€ 750€ Any Any 1
8/19/19 8/29/19 97€ 670€ Any Any 1
8/30/19 9/5/19 72€ 500€ Any Any 1
9/6/19 9/15/19 44€ 300€ Any Any 1
9/16/19 10/26/19 40€ 200€ Any Any 1

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