Best things to do and places to visit for Calabria

We find ourselves in the southernmost point of Italy where Calabria, bathed by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas, offers you a vacation where the climate is welcoming and the nature is still wild.

Anyone who loves the sea can live it to its fullest depending on what they want to do; among the numerous coastal resorts there are sandy beaches and rocky cliffs lapped by clear water to be found along 800 kilometers of coastline.

Among these, Capo Vaticano, noted for its fine sand, has been said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Don’t underestimate the inland of the region though where there is no lack of lakes, water cascades, woods, and mountains; the parks of Sila, Aspromonte and Pollino are some of the natural destinations not to be missed. In the winter it is possible to ski in some of the areas while along the Lao River the Sila Gulch there are trails for walking and mountain biking, as well as the chance to practice rafting or canyoning.

At mealtime you can taste the N’duja Calabrese, the sweet red onions of Tropea, olive oil, wines, and liquors. In Diamante there is a festival dedicated to one of the typical local products: the chili pepper.

There are also several hot spring resorts in Lamezia Terme, Speazzano Albanese, Acquappesa, and other locations.

Don’t miss the natural caves of Bagnara Calabra and the Grotta Azzura (Blue Cave) in Tropea, the historic centers and villages where the ancient crafts are still handed down.

The region is sprinkled with museums, archaeological areas, and remnants of folk traditions and art. Among these is the Bronzi di Riace, which can be admired at the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria.

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Calabria: Where to sleep

Apartment Scilla
Apartment Scilla Apartment · Scilla
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4
from 50€ per night
Apartment Marina di Davoli
Apartment Marina di Davoli Apartment · Marina di Davoli
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4
from 40€ per night
Bed and Breakfast Pizzo
Bed and Breakfast Pizzo Bed and Breakfast · Pizzo
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 2 + 4
from 85€ per night
Apartment San Nicola Arcella
Apartment San Nicola Arcella Apartment · San Nicola Arcella
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 7
from 100€ per night
Ionian Calabria apartment turquoise Coast
Ionian Calabria apartment turquoise Coast Apartment · Botricello
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4
from 50€ per night
Apartment Reggio di Calabria
Apartment Reggio di Calabria Apartment · Reggio di Calabria
Bathrooms: 2 · Guests: 6 + 2
from 220€ per night
Apartment Corigliano Calabro
Apartment Corigliano Calabro Apartment · Corigliano Calabro
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 3 + 1
from 75€ per night
Apartment Tropea
Apartment Tropea Apartment · Tropea
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4
from 30€ per night
Apartment Rende
Apartment Rende Apartment · Rende
Bathrooms: 2 · Guests: 4 + 1
from 60€ per night