Best things to do and places to visit for Emilia Romagna

Hot springs, adventure, sea and cities of art: Emilia Romagna is a treasure chest holding all this, nestled between the Appennini Mountains to the south, and the River Po to the north, and skirted by the Adriatic Sea which keeps its climate mild and creates a view where the horizon gets lost in the distance.

The Romagnola Riviera is a location for anyone who loves the sea and relaxation with many services available for families and fun for the kids. In Rimini, Riccione, and Cattolica you can never get bored, not even at the dinner table with typical cuisine and street food that will please your palate and your wallet.

For those who choose a more cultural vacation, the program takes you to Bologna, Faenza, Modena, and Ravenna, and their artistic and architectural heritages.

The castles of Ducato di Parma and Piacenza are ideal destinations for outdoor trips among nature and culture, while it’s possible to take a relaxing break among the various hot springs like those at Salsomaggiore, Tabiano, and Castrocaro.

There are several parks and natural reserves in Emilia Romagna: a guaranteed nature escape from the chaos. Among its routes don’t forget the one along Via Francigena, and the roads of wine and flavors, a way to discover the ties between the table and culture of this land to its numerous celebrations and fairs that take place all year round.

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Monte San Pietro
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Emilia Romagna: Where to sleep

Apartment Cattolica
Apartment Cattolica Apartment · Cattolica
Units: 2 · Guests: 4
from 70€ per night
Penthouse in the city centre
Penthouse in the city centre Apartment · Ravenna
Bathrooms: 3 · Guests: 6
from 240€ per night
Farmstay Camugnano
Farmstay Camugnano Farmstay · Camugnano
Units: 5 · Guests: 2
from 90€ per night
Bed and Breakfast Modena
Bed and Breakfast Modena Bed and Breakfast · Modena
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 11
from 220€ per night
Farmstay Parma
Farmstay Parma Farmstay · Parma
Units: 2 · Guests: 1
from 60€ per night
Farmstay Tredozio
Farmstay Tredozio Farmstay · Tredozio
Units: 1 · Guests: 6
from 158€ per night
Villa Tredozio
Villa Tredozio Villa · Tredozio
Units: 3 · Guests: 6
from 289€ per night
Villa Tredozio
Villa Tredozio Villa · Tredozio
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 2
from 85€ per night
Apartment Milano Marittima
Apartment Milano Marittima Apartment · Milano Marittima
Units: 2 · Guests: 2
from 50€ per night