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Modernity and traditions, cities rich in history, natural areas, and a great culinary tradition, with an extraordinary architectural heritage which is spread throughout everything coexist in Piedmont.

Masterpieces of the Romanesque and Baroque periods are the region's symbols, such as the Sacra di San Michele and the Royal Residences, among which the Reggia di Venaria are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the capital Torino and the surrounding area there are over fifty museums, cultural landmarks, residences, exhibitions, and international events, such as the Book Fair, the Egyptian Museum, and the Mole Antonelliana, the architectural symbol of the city and home to the International Museum of Cinema.

Relax outside the city among vineyards and authentic flavors in the gentle slopes of the hills of Langhe, Roero, and Montferrat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where fine wines such as Barolo, Barbera, and Barbaresco are produced.

On the lake, Orta and Omegna are the perfect romantic destination.

Be rejuvenated in the mountains, which are home to two national parks (Gran Paradiso and Val Grande), ideal for sports and nature lovers, both in summer with lots of trails for hiking and mountain biking, and in winter, when skiing, mountain climbing, and winter sports dominate the scene.

Piedmont is also a land of festivals and events. Among the most famous are the MiTo Settembre Musica festival, the Turin Film Festival, the truffle festivals in Asti and Alba, the Carnevale Ivrea, the re-enactment of the Battle of Novara, which marked the end of the First War of Italian Independence in 1849, and the international Chimney Sweeper gathering in Santa Maria Maggiore.

What to do in Piedmont

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Piedmont: Where to sleep

Villa Gignese
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Apartment Alba
Apartment Alba Apartment · Alba
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Bed and Breakfast Bene Vagienna Bed and Breakfast · Bene Vagienna
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Cozy mountain chalet
Cozy mountain chalet Chalet/Mountain hut · Valdieri
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Villa Maretto
Villa Maretto Villa · Maretto
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Apartment Turin
Apartment Turin Apartment · Turin
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Apartment Sestriere
Apartment Sestriere Apartment · Sestriere
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The Casa dei Gatti on Lake Maggiore
The Casa dei Gatti on Lake Maggiore Apartment · Ghiffa
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ARTELAGO APARTMENT 2 bedroom+2 balconies AMAZING lake view
ARTELAGO APARTMENT 2 bedroom+2 balconies AMAZING lake view Apartment · Baveno
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