Best things to do and places to visit for Sardinia

An emerald sea that became famous around the world for its beauty, and an authentic hinterland that has preserved traditions and customs through the centuries- Sardinia is an island full of contrasts surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, between the wilderness of Ogliastra, natural parks, and the glamour of the Emerald Coast, it is a destination for a vacation with a thousand personalities.

The island is dotted with wide beaches and small coves, each with different characteristics, where the sea is the star and offers countless fascinating sights and attractions, grottos and seabeds. You can enjoy practically all water sports, especially diving and windsurfing, at the famous resort of Porto Pollo. You can go sailing, at La Maddalena with its windy islands. Sardinia is an ideal destination.

The islands, the coast, and the hinterland offer a wide range of choice for lovers of tours and excursions in contact with nature, local traditions, or history, like archaeological remains that are found in the surroundings of Porto Torres, the nuraghes. The most famous Nuragic village is Su Nuraxi Barumini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among the most well-known beautiful places on the island are San Teodoro, Santa Teresa di Gallura, and the Bay of Sardinia, Stintino. Try a trip to the Archipelago of La Maddalena or to Caprera, where Garibaldi lived.

It's also worth going inland, into the wildest and most authentic heart of Sardinian culture: Barbagia, a wild and rugged territory rich in traditions and popular festivals.

At the table, the local cuisine reflects the different souls of the region and offers seafood, meat, wines, and liquors known around the world, like the Vermentino of Gallura or Mirto.

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Sardinia: Dove dormire

Villa Tanaunella
Villa Tanaunella Villa · Tanaunella
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 6 + 2
from 40€ per night
Villa San Teodoro
Villa San Teodoro Villa · San Teodoro
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 6
from 65€ per night
Apartment Villasimius
Apartment Villasimius Apartment · Villasimius
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 6 + 2
from 65€ per night
Apartment Cagliari
Apartment Cagliari Apartment · Cagliari
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 2 + 1
from 63€ per night
Apartment Girasole
Apartment Girasole Apartment · Girasole
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 5 + 2
from 60€ per night
Apartment Masainas
Apartment Masainas Apartment · Masainas
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 5 + 1
from 175€ per night
Apartment Alghero
Apartment Alghero Apartment · Alghero
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 2
from 73€ per night
Apartment Quartu Sant'Elena
Apartment Quartu Sant'Elena Apartment · Quartu Sant'Elena
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 2 + 3
from 35€ per night
Apartment Budoni
Apartment Budoni Apartment · Budoni
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 6
from 55€ per night