Best things to do and places to visit for Sicily

Sicily is the largest Italian island. It is surrounded by three seas, the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Tyrrhenian. It is separated from the rest of the continent by the Strait of Messina, and is surrounded by numerous smaller isles, the Aeolian Islands (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Pelagie, Ustica, and Pantelleria.

It is an island of the sea, traditions, history, as well as nature and volcanoes, some of which have never been dormant, such as Stromboli and Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe.

Another treasure certified by UNESCO is the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, one of the most important Italian archaeological sites. Syracuse is also a UNESCO site, as are Val di Noto and the Villa Romana del Casale.

Among the cities with the most scenic position is Taormina, the famous historical seaside town, which offers a view that extends from the blue sea to Mount Etna.

A vacation in Sicily is also a journey through archaeological and protected areas, museums and regional parks, caves and traditional buildings.

The sea is just one of the ways to experience the island, which is crossed by numerous trails and bridle paths for tourists on foot, bike or horseback. In Sciacca and Acireale the journey takes a wellness break among the ancient thermal baths. Archaeological finds and the many temples that dot the region let you dip into the past and into the Sicilian Magna Graecia.

Events are also numerous: the Taormina Film Festival, the many festivals dedicated to patron saints, including the feast of Santa Rosalia in Palermo, and Sant'Agata in Catania, just to name a few. The Carnival celebrations in Acireale are engaging and spectacular.

At the table, you'll find a parade of traditional local products based on fish and other fresh ingredients, a quality that has earned many DOP and IGT certifications in the area.

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Sicily: Where to sleep

Apartment Patti
Apartment Patti Apartment · Patti
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4
from 80€ per night
Villa Riposto
Villa Riposto Villa · Riposto
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4
from 70€ per night
Apartment Marzamemi
Apartment Marzamemi Apartment · Marzamemi
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 5
from 110€ per night
Country/Farmhouse Scicli
Country/Farmhouse Scicli Country/Farmhouse · Scicli
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4 + 2
from 80€ per night
Villa Pozzallo
Villa Pozzallo Villa · Pozzallo
Bathrooms: 2 · Guests: 4 + 2
from 60€ per night
Holiday home thirty meters from the sea
Holiday home thirty meters from the sea Apartment · Giardini-Naxos
Bathrooms: 2 · Guests: 7
from 55€ per night
Villa Sciacca
Villa Sciacca Villa · Sciacca
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4 + 2
from 50€ per night
Villa Marzamemi
Villa Marzamemi Villa · Marzamemi
Bathrooms: 2 · Guests: 5
from 172€ per night
Apartment Giardini-Naxos
Apartment Giardini-Naxos Apartment · Giardini-Naxos
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 4 + 2
from 95€ per night