Best things to do and places to visit for Umbria

Towns and villages nestled among hills and unspoiled landscapes: Umbria is a destination for connoisseurs in search of quality and authentic travel, where every town hides its own history and traditions among its narrow streets.

A vacation in Umbria can start from its capital, Perugia, with its medieval historical center and the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria. But its surroundings should not be overlooked, between its villages and natural wealth.

Lake Trasimeno is found here; it is the largest lake in central Italy, so big that it contains three islands: Polvese, Maggiore, and Minore.

The Franciscan Path of Peace also passes by here, linking Assisi and Gubbio. In Terni there is the birthplace of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers; his tomb is in the city's basilica and it is a destination for many visitors every year.

Outside the cities every village has its own unique character, while nature comes first at Marmore Falls and Lake Piediluco. In the area around Ferentillo and Arrone you can practice rock climbing and canoeing. In Narni and Calvi in springtime it is like traveling back in time to the Middle with the “Corsa dell’Anello” and traditional festivals.

And as for food? Legumes, truffles, olive oil, wine, and meats are some of the local specialties to try, perhaps accompanied by the local "unsalted bread".

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Monteleone d'Orvieto
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Umbria: Where to sleep

Bed and Breakfast Assisi
Bed and Breakfast Assisi Bed and Breakfast · Assisi
Units: 2 · Guests: 2
from 100€ per night
Villa Magione
Villa Magione Villa · Magione
Bathrooms: 2 · Guests: 8
from 110€ per night
Apartment Monteleone d'Orvieto
Apartment Monteleone d'Orvieto Apartment · Monteleone d'Orvieto
Bathrooms: 2 · Guests: 4
from 115€ per night
Apartment Città della Pieve
Apartment Città della Pieve Apartment · Città della Pieve
Units: 2 · Guests: 4
from 72€ per night
Villa San Venanzo
Villa San Venanzo Villa · San Venanzo
Bathrooms: 3 · Guests: 8
from 280€ per night
Farmstay San Presto
Farmstay San Presto Farmstay · San Presto
Units: 3 · Guests: 2
from 80€ per night
Farmstay Monte Santa Maria Tiberina
Farmstay Monte Santa Maria Tiberina Farmstay · Monte Santa Maria Tiberina
Units: 4 · Guests: 2
from 80€ per night
Apartment Assisi
Apartment Assisi Apartment · Assisi
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 2 + 6
from 80€ per night
Villa Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Villa Tuoro sul Trasimeno Villa · Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Bathrooms: 1 · Guests: 2 + 3
from 50€ per night