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House In The Woods In Umbria

Avigliano Umbro


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luca G.

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February 2012
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Avigliano Umbro
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Tips and activities

The patrimony artistic, cultural, naturalistic and gastronomic of the Umbria is probably seems to that of the Tuscany, with the notable advantage that to it is unknown too at the people and therefore less stressful by to enjoy!
Besides being a small region they are all near.
My house is situated strategically to the center of all the most pleasant destinations of the region. I have divided them for necessary time to reach them whit the car: how can you see there is material to fill a lot of time!
Trips by foots or bike:
From the house several little road start and cross the woods and the country around them (old convent, farms with breedings).
Arrived by the car to the Mascia's lake, the woods surrounding rich in mushrooms can be explored (to remember to ask the authorization to gather them to the Comune)
Or, arrived by the car to the Park of the Fallow deer, a grilled can be made in the equipped areas and to walk in the woods on the top of montain.
Trips of one alf , one hour by the car
Toscolano: delicious little town completely restructured lettig integrate the aspect middle ages. In the proximities there is the Factory of Mogol where the new entry of the pop music complete their stages.
S.Restituta: small suburb middle ages built on the ridge of the mountain, it is developed around a long stairway. Famous for the better chestnuts of Italy, those with which the Perugina make the marrons glaceés. In the proximities there is the beautiful " cave ", a visitable cavern in the first part without equipment.
Melezzole: This is a small country that they are restructuring with taste using a stone, inusuale for the place, from the white-yellowish tonalities that let it resemble more at a situs marchigiano that umbro. The final effect is metaphysical . In the proximities there is the Beauty farm of Messegué, where possible to book some treatments of beauty is.
Dunarobba: the town doesn't have very things to offer, but on the road that from it to Montecastrilli deserves a standstill the Petrified " Forest ", only example in Italy of coniferous prefossilizzation. They are about fifty cut-off trunks fixtures in the ground that some million years fà was submerged by a clay landslide. between the roots of the tree have been found mussels of sweet water, the existence of an ancient lake based. The trip can be completed by the visit to the adjoining museum.
S.Gemini: Small jewel of middle ages from to taste in one afternoon. Really notable and partially unknown because it hears again some proximity of the Thermal baths of S.Gemini that they serve as pole of attraction. On the road of the source don't lose you a visit to
Carsulae: Roman Castrum of imperial epoch, preserve a notable Theater, the decumano, the thermal baths and the door of access. You must to see.
Amelia: etrusca town of which preserves the boundaries ciclopiche, reconstructed then in epoch medioevale and Baroque. to see.
Trips of one-two hours by the car
Spoleto: Thing to say about the city center of the Festival of the Two Worlds! Only that if you wants to taste its visit and to appreciate of it in full the rich urban mode and the innumerable architectural work artistic is worthwhile to go when the festival is finish. In the weeks during the Festival the international atmosphere it prevails without nevertheless to surpass that typical of the suburb.
Orvieto: Splendid example of Gothic Romanesque architecture, with some Renaissance build (the well of S.Patrizio drawn by Leonardo) a trip of one day is Worth!
Todi: Classical citadel medioevale, center of innumerable antiquarian shops. Very beautiful the plaza of the comune with the classical town building.
Gubbio: Exciting to live the two days of the party of the Candles, " cars " heavy varied quintals brought of run on the shoulder by the ceraiolis along the steep streets of the country followed by the gone crazy crowd. In the other days of the year the best example of city medioevale of the umbria remains.
Foligno: less accattivantes of the other cities of art of the province of Perugia, sopperisce to this with a rich cultural activity of shows and conferences.
Montefalco: Beautifull medioevale citadel, risen with the enologic discovery of a noble vine, the Sagrantino from which appreciated homonym wine is drawn by the notable strength and tannicità. It is well to combine a visit to a wine cellar.
Bevagna: Ancient Roman city, also it into the zone of Sagrantino but with testimonies historian architectural more varied than : the mosaics of the Roman thermal baths, the buildings medioevali and the delicious Theater to the Baroque one Comunale. they are continued to practise ancient works to cultural purpose: To see is the make-paper that makes the watermarked paper by hand and the reconstruction of the house medioevale (can be booked "original medioevali banquets")!
Assisi: Known for the Basilicas and the testimonies of S. Francis, is very beautiful buttocks in the urbanistic architectural aspect. It is always unfortunately very crowded and the parking lot are scarce (careful to the fines).
Spello: The country is developed everything on a ridge and is a little fatiguing from to explore. to signal : good-looking frescos in the churches along the road.
Terni: the city would be from to avoid in how much it doesn't have anything from to offer, if it were that in the proximities there is the:
Fall of the Marmores: scenografic operates created artificial Roman diverting the Black river in the Veils and getting in three jumps the tallest fall of Europe!
Lake of Piediluco: Always in the proximities of Terni, notable the siphon of the tributary that forms a powerful throw suited for to always try the present canoeists to venture with it. On its shores, scrambled along the slopes of the hill there is
Labro: little town abandoned in the postwar period and acquired in block from a colony of Dutch artist-artisans that have restructured it faithfully installing you varied activities hown detach the weaving on ancient looms to hand.
Cascia: only motive to go us the sanctuary of S., Rita and the adjoining convent. The spiritual quiet of the places breathes without time.
Norcia and the Valley Nerina: gastronomic naturalistic Itinerary on the tracks of the tartufo and the lentils of Castelluccio. Splendid the Nature of the place that loses sweetness typical umbra to become sour and strong as in Abruzzo.
Perugia: In last but absolutely not lost, the pearl of Umbria, European city culturally, center of university, cosmopolitan, but able to preserve in toto the spirit of the small center, with intact the cult of the maintenance. Everything has maintained to the best beginning from the vestigias etrusche and as to go up again passing for the Romans, the medioevo, the rinascimento, the Baroque one, the liberty and the modern one. A suggestion, begins the visit leaving the auto in the modern underground parking lot to the feet of the city, you will get three advantages: you will find parking lot, you will enter in the historical center stopping by the underground Perugia (there is a tapis roulant and a series of little stair that pass under Perugia showing the part of it unknown medioeval!), will be directly to Course Vannucchi making a temporal jump from to leave without breath! From not to forget the festival jaaz and European Chocholates, demonstrations that once must to listen and to see!

What can be said of other, Umbria is magic because everything this beautiful things is assembled in few square kilometers and allows of to enjoy to you without the stress of the tourism of mass!
Be surely there other destinations to explore, think about Deruta and its ceramics, to Greccio and its living manger, but every place can be a discovery and leaves joy to you to do it!The gastronomy of Umbria is influenced by near regions as the Lazio, the Marche and everyone the Tuscany. Principal differences are due to the fact what this region, not having border to the sea doesn't have, practically, a gastronomy of fish (if not that of lake in the zone of the Trasimeno) and has always been able to use little salt! From this a kitchen " without salt " but rich of other spices that had in passed the function to preserve the foods. So foods from the taste of middle ages and " Arab " survive near to dish of game with more strong perfumes based on black olives and juniper.
The principal base of this gastronomy is the bread, without salt and fragrant of wheat, irreplaceable to taste the other datum of the tastes umbri, the oil extravergine of elevated acidity and taste, really to accompany bread without salt (bruschetta). The ham, of Norcia, but those local in my opinion is more true, are also the ideal food, to the peer of some mature and firm cheeses that when you open them they cry. What to say about crostinis of patè of olives and/or liver?
You finish the " entratures ", there are the first dish , where they dominate the tomato sauce of once with the "regaglie"di chicken or the porky or naturally the mushrooms boletus .
. A particular mention deserve the "ciriole" of Terni, kind of macaronies to the guitar done with flour, water and albumen of egg, from this derives a very elastic consistence of it, seasoned with sauce of castrated or more simply with a sauce of tomato, garlic and chili .
The seconds dishes are almost exclusively of meat and often of game. The must are wild boar and the castrated one served aromatized at times with cinnamon, walnut moscata, nails of carnation or more simply with mais pudding (from not to lose, you finds them, the salsiccies of liver and naturally the boletus mushrooms).
The simple chop of pig also has here a different taste worth of animals often raised to the wild state.
These dishes need suitable wines, and the zone furnishes varied social wine cellars from the dignified wines (cerasuolo), and sumptuous bottles of Rubesco, Red of Montefalco, and, for the most binding dishes the Sagrantino in purity, always of Montefalco.
The white wine is less represented and they are white of niche as theexcellent " muffato" of antinori, the best on the blue cheeses or the late " vintage " and the "passito" for the cake.
Some particular musts and almost that cannot be found are the sweet " macaronies " , cooked pasta to the tooth and seasoned with bread fried in the butter, sugar, candied, uvetta, walnut-trees, filberts, rum and alkermes and chocolate to flakes. they must to rest for some day in refrigerator and tasted cold as sweet, and the pigeons to the greedy one, pigeons or better palombacci full of olives and liver, cooked to the spit and wet with a juice of wine, oil, olives and minced of liver .
Here, also the shopping in the supermarket can reserve some pleasant surprises if you knows where to go and thing to choose:
To Castel dell' Aquila in the supermarket of Alexander you ask some Bread of Castle, and you buy confident his ham (done really from Alexander that it is a good butcher) and naturally you also buy the meat him butchered. Cheeses are go tasted because there is not a big culture in such sense and they could recommend a caciottina to you industrialist and not on old cheese of the place. When you try it, the roast pig has a more delicate taste of that of Ariccia, very less salt and more garlic and wild fennel!
Also to Avigliano you can find the same typologies of foods to the local supermarket.
To Castle there is a grinds where the just ground flour can be acquired.
Trà Amelia and Fornole there is a good social wine cellar, visit you it. The oil extravegine is in sale a in everything but it is worthwhile to acquire it in December when it pinches too. The fresh eggs can be found in the farms nearby house.
If desire not had to cook, in Avigliano there are a pair of taverns, in Toscolano a good restaurant and in Melezzole there is Semiramide that it doesn't enter it nothing with the melodrama but it is really the name of the ex owner.
With 15 Euro can happen of to eat velvety of ceci with "maltagliati" and wild boar in stew with mais pudding! Experimented of person.
Pushing us more in there, every town can offer restaurants of good level: signal "la POSTA" in Norcia and naturally " Vissani " to the lake of Corbara which being the first refreshing of Italy, but the cost can reach 300 Euro for a menù tasting excluded wines!

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